Where Are All The Cool EVs We Were Promised In 2021?

This is one of the success stories on this list, as Rimac has followed a logical process that has seen multi-year development and no rushing of false claims made. The C_Two concept eventually became the Nevera hypercar, revealed in June this year after a three-year incubation period. The specification reads like science fiction, with 1,914 hp, 1,731 lb-ft of torque, four electric motors, 0-60 mph in 1.85 seconds, and an 8.5-second quarter mile. The production version revealed wasn’t just a model, either, but was fully functioning and was handed out to many testers who put it against the Model S Plaid, Ferrari SF90 Stradale, and anything else they could find, only for it to decimate everything.

The first deliveries were slated for December of 2021, and while we haven’t heard anything further, suggesting a slight delay, we’re led to believe production is underway. With substantial investment from many of the world’s automakers, and a new partnership that sees Rimac take control of Bugatti, the Nevera is proof that Mate Rimac is a revolutionary figure in the automotive landscape, and the Nevera is simply the beginning.

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