Tesla Promises Plenty Of Improvements To Self-Driving Tech

Besides better improving the way your Tesla Model S or other FSD-equipped vehicle will read traffic and roads, the update also notes improvements for vulnerable road users (VRU). These include the improved VRU detection of up to 44.9%, which should dramatically reduce “spurious false-positive pedestrians and bicycles (especially around tar seams, skid marks, and raindrops),” which should again improve the smoothness of your journey and the overall driving experience, particularly when you’re off the main freeways. Tesla says this was achieved by increasing the size of its next-generation labelers.

In summary, Tesla is making its FSD system smoother and easier to live with, and although there will almost certainly be some minor kinks when the update is released to the public, likely as software version number 2022.4.5.15, there’s no doubt that this semi-autonomous tech is getting better and better.

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