Official: Electric Ford GT40 Will Have 800 HP And 125-Mile Range

If you want a more conclusive Everatti GT40 experience, the firm can add an alarm and tracker, custom audio systems, front and rear parking sensors and cameras, a Gurney Bubble for the pressed steel roof, front canards for enhanced downforce, and Ohlins adjustable shock absorbers, catering to those who intend to take the EV to the track. A roll bar and rear snorkels will also suit these owners well.

Visually, Everatti says that it can offer special paints such as multi-layered, matt, or pearl-effect finishes. If you want to be the star of the show wherever you go, the iconic Gulf livery, officially licensed by Gulf Oil International, can be painted to the body by hand. Custom materials for the interior are available to those wanting a more breathtaking and bespoke cabin.

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