Learn What It’s Like To Own A GMA T.50 With An R/C Car

James Whomsley is clearly a fan of the scientific method. He bought two identical R/C cars, modifying one with the Murray-inspired fan car setup and leaving the other untouched as a baseline. He very quickly discovered the challenges of building a T.50-based fan car like the Brabham BT46B. At first, it couldn’t create enough of a vacuum against the floor. Skirts were added, which then shot anything under the car out of the fan and into the air. After adding a filter, the thing jammed with debris, causing a total loss of downforce.

However, just like the Brabham F1 car that inspired it, the R/C fan car was fast on its day. With a clean floor and proper skirts, the fan car was significantly easier to control than the unmodified car, in addition to being marginally faster on a slalom course. Marginally might sound like a failure here, but like the BT46B, marginal gains are sometimes all you need to win.

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